An Encouraged Life adheres to the guidelines and professional practices set forth by the Christian Coaches Network International as well as the International Coach Federation. A Christian coach uses the skills of professional coaching to enable clients to affect change, create new awareness, and move into action, through the lens of a biblical worldview. Since clientele vary in their walks of life or perspectives on faith, the coach chooses frameworks that best suit the client’s agenda. The biblical perspective remains the foundation from which the coach views the client, but the integration of that perspective is sensitively adapted to the individuality of the client.

A Professional Coach is NOT

  • A counselor or therapist - Counseling and therapy are focused on helping hurting people heal past wounds. Professional Life Coaches are trained to refer people to these professions when needed.
  • An advisor or consultant - Advisors and consultants give advice. A Professional Life Coach believes you are your own best expert. Through powerful questioning the best next steps are discovered.3.
  • A mentor - A mentor comes from the position of above you who knows more than you. A Professional Life Coach walks alongside you and believes you are your own best expert who just needs assistance getting clarity and motivation.

A Professional Life Coach is

  • An accountability partner, a cheerleader, an encourager, a listener, a sounding board, an advocate, a helper in prioritizing and goal setting, and so much more.
  • A Professional Life Coach is proven: Clients experience improvement in areas such as: self-confidence, relationships, time management, communication, work/life balance, and of course, reaching goals!