Katy Lee

As a wife, mother and published author with many deadlines and responsibilities, Rachelle Triay offered me a peaceful wisdom that gently guided me through my schedules and goals to realign them with my hopes and dreams. You can also dare to dream big with Rachelle's direction along your path. Bring your passion, and Rachelle can help you establish the tools you need to reach your calling too.

Anna Bottolfs

Over the last two years I have worked with Rachelle as one of her professional coaching clients. Rachelle helped me learn more about myself, my work style, my strengths & my weaknesses. To say Rachelle is amazing, is an understatement. While working with Rachelle, I have found my drive again, become more focused & increased my production in the Real Estate Industry. Rachelle is kind, driven, & a wealth of knowledge. Rachelle, thank you for listening, encouraging, & assisting me on this journey. Your attention and focus has truly been a blessing to me and I know others will improve in their industry just from working with you consistently.

Claudia B. Vogas

Rachelle Triay has been an integral part of me becoming a devoted Christian. Her example led me through her coaching on different subjects from business to purpose all the way to speaking up for myself and expressing myself. Her powerful questions helped me get clarity and peace. Her devotion to Christ has been a resource for me when it came to growing my own relationship with Him. Thank you, Rachelle for planting seeds that led to my salvation!

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