Who Am I and What Next? Career Choices

An in-depth mini-course for teens and young adults. In this 10 hour course, participants will gain a comprehensive picture of who they are: strengths, personality, values, natural talents, gifts, etc. With this information in mind, participants will then explore the work place and discover preferences about the people, subjects, environment and rewards in the work place. All of the clues will be put together so that the participant will leave with a list of possible career choices that fit who they are. There is approximately 1 hour of pre-course preparation work.

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Group coaching joins a group of like-minded people together to grow, set and reach goals, hold each other accountable, achieve more and celebrate along the way. Group Coaching with An Encouraged Life is conducted via conference call. The group will be guided along on the journey by a Certified Life Coach to keep the group stay focused and ensure a positive growing experience for all involved. Group coaching is great for sales teams, weight loss, health and nutrition, parenting, and so much more! If you have a group of people that is ready to bring it to the next level, schedule your group today! Wanna read more about the benefits of group coaching?

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Coach Intensive Weekend

Coach Intensive Weekends are a powerful experience where a small group of women (3 or 4) spend a few days together in a beautiful setting, each focusing on their specifically tailored path of exploration, guided by Professional Life Coach, Rachelle Triay. There is ample one-on-one time with the Coach, and the participant will leave with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity on their next steps.

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If you would like to have Rachelle come encourage your group, give her a call! She can tailor a message to meet the needs of your group. Some samples of seminars are listed below.

This 1 hour seminar will bring participants through goal setting success, SMART goals, and use tools to help narrow down goals for each individual participant. You will leave encouraged and focused on your next steps.

Each person is unique, beautiful and purpose-filled, and yet we all tend to fall into the comparison trap. Participants in this seminar will be encouraged to grab hold of their own talents and abilities and celebrate the differences found in others.

This fun, interactive seminar will guide participants to prioritize what is most important and identify things they need to STOP doing - so that the focus will be on the purpose, priorities and goals of each individual. This can also be adapted to a team.

While some stress is good, too much stress can wreak havoc on our minds and bodies. In this seminar, participants will look deeper into stress - what it is, how to identify it, and review 14 tips for managing stress.

Are you in the midst of change? There are times in our lives when one chapter is closing and another is beginning (for example: empty nester, newly retired, changing careers, recently divorced). These can be times of stress and confusion. If you fit into this category, this one day workshop is for you. Come be encouraged. Attendees will focus on identifying their purpose, setting goals, and creating a personal mission and vision statement. Practical ways to make these a reality will be discovered. You will leave this workshop with a renewed sense of self-worth and direction to embark on the next chapter of your life!

Escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with your spouse and connect (or re-connect) at this overnight workshop. Your marriage will be strengthened as you dream together, formulate both long and short term goals for your marriage, prioritize, and create mission and vision statements for your family. You will leave this workshop with a renewed sense of purpose for your marriage, and have a sense of clarity about what you will be accomplishing as a couple.

The most productive people, the strongest leaders all have something in common - they have a written plan. In this one day workshop you will develop your own personal life plan. Live every day with intention and purpose.